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4 Exhibitions Opening Reception


- Suzanne Anker Gary Sherman David Sandlin Private: Andres Janacua

February 12, 2015 / 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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School of Visual Arts presents a multi-part exhibition showcasing work by BFA Fine Arts students, on view February 7 through February 21 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, New York City. Admission is free and open to the public.

“Color Wheel,” curated by BFA Fine Arts Chair Suzanne Anker, brings into view a return to many craft sensibilities operating in parallel with more traditional fine art practices. This exhibition addresses the rich array of chroma inherent in contemporary materials. From felt and sequins to neon and styrofoam, from oil paint to plastics, our world is a vivid expression of synthetic combinations and natural elements. Glass, cotton, felt and paper mark their presence as well. “Color Wheel” includes work by Angela AlbaVincent ChenNicasio FernandezHanul Kim, Inha KimAlena KumtaLuke LunsfordLian LianVilis LipinsMargaret NelsonHahnal ParkSarah PetersonGerald SheffieldPeter ShugartDylan Spelman-Hall and Veronica Winford.

“Staging the Object,” curated by Andres Janacua, the BFA Fine Arts director of operations, brings together artists whose interests intersect through the lives of autonomous objects. According to Janacua, “These artists deploy strategies that cultivate objecthood, articulating a resonate thingness inherent to its form. For this exhibition we see how works become protagonists in their own theater in which narratives unspool through a privileged language. Upon entering the gallery, visitors encounter a stage set in its own right as the works characterize a narrative in an ostensibly domestic setting—each artwork playing its scene as any willful actor would.” Works by Sofia AbrahamDiana BauerShannon PollakAndrew SenkenDevin TamiazzoKate Weinberg and Elyssa Willadsen are featured.

“Rock-Paper-Scissors,” curated by faculty member Gary Sherman, takes its cue from the ancient hand game of Chinese origin. Sherman explains: “Based on the objects the participants play, the game has three possible outcomes other than a tie. Rock beats Scissors. Paper beats Rock. Scissors beats Paper. Although there appears to be a distinct hierarchy among these three objects, neither is more privileged than the others. The outcome of the game is always contingent on the juxtaposition of the objects; at any show of hands any outcome is equally probable. That’s a great analog for the process of making art. In art, as in the game Rock-Paper-Scissors, which is similar to roulette game which can be played using real money roulette app no medium is more or less privileged than another. It’s all about what the artist does with the tools at her disposal. Following this premise, and allowing myself grand curatorial license, Amanda Selinder’s neon cluster of circles or loops references rocks. Monica Lai’s installation of origami flowers references paper. Wednesday Kim’s video is indebted to collage and therefore references scissors. In the hands of these young artists, anything is possible.”

“Printer’s Proof,” curated by faculty member Gunars Prande, explores the printmaking process in new ways. Prande says, “A printer’s proof is an impression pulled for the printer and is outside the regular numbered edition. The artists in this show are all artist/printers, not only creating the image but then printing it as well. This involves making decisions as they are printing and reacting to unexpected results—problems as well as happy accidents. They have all learned the traditional printmaking process and then made them their own, often choosing to create unique works of art instead of uniform print editions. By crossing traditional boundaries between mediums and incorporating drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and sewing, printmaking processes are constantly being reinvented.” Prints by Conner CalhounNick GroeplerBjorgvin JonssonBaljeet RogersAmanda Selinder and Chen Zeng are on view.

Gallery 4 also includes a selection of silkscreen books, curated by faculty member David Sandlin. “All of the silkscreen books displayed here combine image and text to guide the viewer through a narrative,” says Sandlin. “In each of the works, the pages flow with the aim of revealing a surprise with each turn.” The silkscreen book artists are Hye In JeonHyo Jin KangMarissa SheaMinju SunFernanda Sanovicz and Jamilla Wu.

Installation view


February 12, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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